The Novel

THE PASSIONS OF PATRIOTS takes place 101 years before Irish Firebrands. Both are stand-alone novels, but Patriots functions as a family-saga prelude because it addresses some unanswered questions that Firebrands raised for me:

  • In a culture that until recently was not known for its cuisine, how did Mamó get her reputation as a great cook?
  • What’s the whole story about Daideo’s service in the British Army on the Somme during the First World War?
  • Other than perhaps because of modernizing or comfort underfoot, why was the flagstone ground floor of Drumcarroll farmhouse overlaid with hardwood floorboards?
  • Why was the cleevy of spits never removed from the kitchen wall, after the ironmongery on the hearth was removed and the iron stove was installed in its place?
  • Why did Daideo plant an apple orchard instead of farming grain, in defiance of Irish Free State Government directives?

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