Review: 37 Days (film)

37 Days.

The Kaiser is portrayed reasonably well, so far as his erratic and manipulative personality is concerned. General Moltke is given much more strength of character than he really had. A few minor male and female characters were inserted to help move the plot along, and perhaps to help female viewers feel more interested in the story, although there were no important roles for women during the actual crisis (which doesn’t bother me in the least).

This film suffers from the fact that on a great many of those 37 days before the war broke out, absolutely nothing happened. And because most of what did happen occurred during conversations – interpersonal or around a conference table – there’s not much action: it’s pretty much a talking-head history recitation, in costume. We do get a good approximation of the intricacies of politics and diplomacy. Predictably, we are treated to the “lights going out” speech, at the end.

Not bad, for a fairly lightweight retelling of history.

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