Review: The First World War (Remak, editor)

The First World War: Causes, Conduct, Consequences.

A short read (only 116 pages), worthwhile for its “sampler” approach, especially as an introduction (via excerpts) to several prominent First World War historians, whose complete works the reader can look for later. The inclusion of “witness” accounts in history books is much more common now than it was back in 1971, but the ones this book quotes are, for the most part, very different to the people from whose books, letters and diaries quotes are usually taken for the WWI Centennial crop of books.

Historians quoted:

Laurence Lafore
Joachim Remak
Bernadotte Schmitt
George F. Kennan
A. J. P. Taylor
René Albrecht Carrié
Raymond J. Sontag
Gordon A. Craig

Witnesses quoted:

Gavrilo Princip
Dragutin Dimitrijević
Johannes Urzidil
Sergei Sazonov
Alphonse Grasset
Raymond Jubert
Ernst Jünger
Manfred von Richthofen
Sir John Monash
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
W. H. L. Watson
Paul von Hindenburg
Lord Bryce
Gerald Brenan
Ljubomir Dabić
Ferdinand Foch
John Reed
Harold Nicolson
Adolf Hitler (also here)

Sources are documented where they are excerpted. The book ends with an “epilogue,” and a “brief note on further reading,” but there is no index.

Very readable, thought-provoking historical insights. Recommended.

(NB: The text links provided are to my previous posts on books by or about that person.)

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