Review: Trench Warfare: 1850-1950 (Saunders)

Trench Warfare: 1850 – 1950.

Another disappointingly poorly written book by this author. It’s a sad state of affairs when the grammar and organization of writing distracts from the material being read. To the author’s credit, he did apparently expend considerable effort to gather raw data (as evidenced by the numerous statistics), but his editor should have helped him with the syntax required to present the information clearly, without redundancy and grammatical errors.

Four of the 12 chapters deal with the First World War. A glossy section of period photos and schematic drawings provides some helpful insight. The bibliography and the index each number about nine pages. It’s a shame that the quality of the writing between the covers doesn’t come up to that of the sturdy hard binding and artistically arranged collage of period photos (one colorized) that make up the glossy dust jacket.

Read it to glean the facts you need, but don’t expect to enjoy the experience.

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