Review: Hitler’s First War (Weber)

hitlers first war

Hitler’s First War. 

Did you know that Hitler never achieved the rank of corporal?

This book debunks the myths that have surrounded Adolf Hitler which were not only fostered by himself, but have been unwittingly perpetuated by generations of historians (including William Shirer). Although there still remain vast holes in the documentation of the man’s early adult life, Hitler’s First War sifts through the mass of circumstantial evidence which accompany the historical facts that do exist, exposing the real roots of Hitler’s fanaticism and painting a more accurate picture of the landscape-painter-turned-politician than ever seen before.

The first half of the book focuses on Hitler’s first four years in the German army, and the second half deals with how the developing dictator spent his time during the aftermath of the First World War, down through his demise at the end of the Second World War. We learn how he engaged in historical revisionism on both the micro and macro levels, in an effort to personally bring to pass the empire for which Kaiser Wilhelm II had lusted, but lost.

A small section of easy-to-examine glossy photographs accompany the text. Numbered end notes, an extensive bibliography, and a decent index help with research. A nicely presented hardbound book with a dust jacket that features a unique photo of Private Hitler, this book is a well-written history that will also make a great conversation starter if seen on your end table or coffee table. Highly recommended.


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