Review: Fascinating Bavaria (Siepmann & Luthardt)


Fascinating Bavaria.

Illness having interfered with my reading and writing, it’s been nice just to pull a picture book off the shelf and simply enjoy looking at images. (It’s also easier than digging  out the photographs I took when I lived in Augsburg forty years ago.)

It’s a tourist’s sampler of photogenic locales throughout Bavaria, but the variety of indoor and outdoor topics is good, for a book of fewer than 100 pages. There are the expected Alpine village, Neuschwanstein and Oktoberfest scenes, and the selection is a bit heavy on terracotta-roofed skylines, but we also get to see a sprinkling of other things (a calvaire, a violinmaker’s shop, closeups of foods, forest animals, people at work and at worship), across the full range of seasons, to give a rounded impression of modern Bavarian life.

The photographs are in spectacular color, and the large page format provides some nice panoramic views over the scattered two-page spreads. The rest of the photos are two-to-a-page, and their being larger than postcard-sized permits a fair amount of detail to be shown.

The street scenes of timber-framed houses and frescoed facades take me back to my MWR bus-tour days over there. During postwar reconstruction, a great deal of care was taken to restore traditional architecture, so historical novelist-researchers can get a glimpse of what their characters may  have seen.

A pleasant addition to any cultural-immersion library.

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