New: In Memoriam Pages.

Wreath_of_FlowersSee the menu, above, for a section of the blog where participants in the Great War are remembered. As a non-combat veteran, I feel that we who have not experienced warfare first-hand can never say “Thank you!” enough to those who endured it.

Contact Form is available to submit information about a person you would like to honor there. The required minimum information about an honoree is a name (if all you have is the first initial and surname, that’s okay). You will also need to identify yourself as the submitter, but this can be a descriptive identifier. Please use only the Contact Form to submit an honoree (not a comment form at another post or page).

Because participants who met with physical or psychological harm as a consequence of the war were not always soldiers, this memorial also welcomes any who served their countries during the war, whether or not their duties involved bearing arms; however, honorees do not need to have been casualties. You are welcome to honor more than one person.

Please be sure to proofread your information carefully, because it will be copied and pasted, and only obvious typographical errors will be corrected. If you discover an error after publication, please advise via another Contact Form, providing the correct information. If you indicate that a photo is available, you will be contacted via e-mail with instructions about sending a copy.

You retain ownership of and responsibility for the image and information you submit for publication on the In Memoriam page.

Thank you for helping this blog keep history alive.

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